Tactics, Projecting, Sending. Build confidence, learn the best tips and tricks to improve your projecting skills, and send faster. This clinic will take an in depth look at the projecting process. You'll learn tactics on how to project more efficiently, when to rest, when to try moves in isolation, when to give send attempts, and so much more. This projecting process is designed to build confidence while also learning beta and building muscle memory. You'll leave with all the tools to send your project faster. To get the most out of this clinic, it's recommended to arrive a few minutes early to warm up.
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What's Included?

  • Step-by-step tactics hand out, curated by Taylor himself.
  • 90 Minute Exclusive Workshop and in-depth look on how a Pro-Athlete projects.

What to bring

  • Climbing Shoes
  • Chalk bag & Chalk
  • Optional: Preferred Warm-Up Equipment

About Taylor McNeill

Since he started climbing in 2009, Taylor has been passionate about pushing his limits on real rock. A North Carolina native, Taylor began his climbing career alongside the stars of climbing, fine tuning his mental approach over years of limit bouldering. After completing notable ascents of Southern Drawl (V15), The Big Island (V15), and Multiverse (V15), Taylor turned his attention to hard first ascents. In 2021 he established Moonlight Sonata (V16) in Joe's Valley. Taylor is passionate about sharing his knowledge of sports psychology and mental tactics with climbers to help them reach their potential. 

The Bespoke Experience

We work closely with our professional athletes to curate a hyper-focused, tailored learning experience to save you time and energy on your climbing goals.