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Fingers of Fury's most popular product! When they first released the Big Boss it sold out quickly but many people had requested a one handed version so here itis! This portable hangboard is small, light and STRONG.  The Baby Boss features an integrated carabiner hole to cut distance down between the board and a loading pin for doing floor pulls, but also makes it just as easy to use at the crag with a climbing sling.

Most of the time a single pad edge is all you need and the most important feature is that it's comfortable to use when loaded to your maximum. This board gives you that most useable edge with a generous radius to not cut into your skin. The carabiner mounting location is positioned perfectly such that the board will not twist away from your fingers like some other portable hangboards. Then the textured aluminum surface gives you a long lasting light texture that can also be easily cleaned. The Baby Boss is simplicity perfected.

The Aluminum Advantage: Yes, aluminum is more easily washable (soap and water in the sink is usually enough to freshen it up. Yes, aluminum is many times stronger than the wood or plastic other training devices are made of (they've been sent more broken hangboard pictures than we would have ever imagined). However, the real unsung hero of these boards is the integrated eyelet that is really only well executed in a metal hangboard. The eyelet is tucked up nice and close to the fingers which is very important to shorter climbers out there lifting from the floor but nice for anyone that wants a specific length (you cant delete length from something that's too long but you can add length to something that starts short). Then, with the eyelet being a solid attachment point and fixed more forward on the hangboard you will notice that each and every pull feels the same. Unlike when cordage is used, where the carabiner is free to float from side to side easily making it difficult to center. With all that the icing on the cake is that you'll find that the texture is also much better than any plastic or wood hangboard as well!

-Weighing in at 5.8 oz
-20mm edge with generous radius
-Textured Aluminum Finish


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