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    The Madness — Climbing

    Trip Report: Jordan Trip 2019 by Todd Swain

    Trip Report: Jordan Trip 2019 by Todd Swain
    Khaled was a climber and hence, knows where the remote climbs are located. On the 25th, we drove to within three kilometers of the Saudi Arabian border to do a climb called The Haj (5.9, 600 feet). Once Khaled drove away (promising to return at 4pm), we were enveloped in the vastness of the desert. We were far enough from camp that if Khaled didn’t return, it would be a challenge to make it back alive. This setting was why we came to Jordan. 

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    Haywire wins OUTDOOR AWARD!

    Haywire wins OUTDOOR AWARD!

    Our engineers have devised a way to make sticky climbing-grade rubber flow into the molds. This will be the first ever climbing shoe to utilize this technology for the entire toe box. Using this method has many benefits for climbing. While downturned shoes are prone to delamination or will lose their downturn shape over time, the Haywire will not. Also, by using the molded parts the foot has less material between it and the rock for greater sensitivity and the ability to articulate the shoe for better grip. Combining this with the knit fabric allows this shoe to fit various foot shapes and sizes.


    Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

    • Degree of innovation


    Jury Statement

    An exciting and sustainable development. The Haywire rock shoe has the entire toe box made of one piece of rubber thanks to a new molding technology. We think this is an important breakthrough.