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    The Madness

    Michael O'Rourke | No Pressure

    Michael O'Rourke | No Pressure

    "The best climber is the one having the most fun" Michael has taken a step back from the professional climbing world and rediscovered it for what got him into it in the first place. For fun!

    Video: Three Peak Films

    Ethan Pringle | Blackbeard Tears

    Ethan Pringle | Blackbeard Tears
        Me: Dude, I’m planning on checking out that crack at The Promontory! What do you think? Will it go free? Is it cool? I’m all psyched!

        Steven: Yep, it’ll go free for sure. I did al l the moves up to the last 30 feet. The climb will be mega. Like really classic. And the gear is bomber. 

        Me: Dude, YES! Best news I’ve heard all month! I’m sofa king psyched!!! You said you did all the moves up to the last 30 feet…what’s after that? 

        Steven: An awesome looking headwall! Looks like it might be pretty runout but you’re high off the deck at that point. The roof section is hard and that’s before the headwall so it’ll be a toughie!

    I was buzzing.

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